Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris

about me

My love of doing pirouettes, capturing landscapes, and pretending to be people I am not started at a young you can see.​


Taking note of these tendencies, my parents quickly enrolled me in a magnet elementary school in my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL, hoping I would find my true artistic calling (which they prayed wouldn't be percussion). My elementary school theatre teacher, a man not dissimilar in energy, humor, and attention-span to the late, great Robin Williams, painted our faces, taught us theatre games, and let us put on sparkly dresses...

And I was hooked. 


Through a series of bizarrely serendipitous occurrences, I found myself in the Great Midwest for college. Unlikely though it was, I left the beautiful beaches for the exceptionally landlocked town of Westerville, OH to attend Otterbein University (neé College). After graduating, I relocated to New York and began my life in the Theatre. As of this year, (though I'll always be a New Yorker) I am now located primarily in Los Angeles.

Acting aside, I also spend much of my time producing indie film. The series I co-created, produced and starred in, Sublets, took home the Best Comedy Series award at Vancouver Web Fest and the Best of I Love NY at NYC Web Fest. We also screened at ITVFest (now Catalyst) and Adirondack Film Fest among other festivals! SEASON ONE is live and available to binge.




In addition, Pitch Her Productions, the non-profit production company I co-founded with two of my dearest friends and collaborators, Chanel Waterhouse & Gloria Munoz, is following up

our first episodic lab, Run-Ins, a comedy series about awkward encounters in New York, with our next lab: Public Service, an anthology series guessed it, public servants. We have produced everything from shorts to music videos to branded content as a company, including a gender equity video for Celebrity Cruises. Pitch Her Productions is devoted to enhancing the female voice and advocating for women in film.