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about me

My love of doing pirouettes, capturing landscapes, and pretending to be people I am not started at a young you can see.​

I'm a St. Petersburg, Florida native. An actor, a producer, and a lover of crossword puzzles.


I split time between NY (those bagels!) and LA (that hiking!).


As a theatre artist, I've done productions, workshops and readings with The Public, Playwrights Horizons, Ars Nova, The Bushwick Starr, Clubbed Thumb, Ensemble Studio Theatre, New Georges, HERE Arts, The Flea, The Wild Project, Invisible Dog, and many more.


I've created, produced, and appeared in many indie film projects (i.e. Sublets), in addition to the not-so-indie TV series The Blacklist (NBC). 


In my downtime, I run Pitch Her Productions, a nonprofit for women in film.

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